Patient Participation Group - May 2022

12th May 2022

Patient Participation Group - May 2022

Venue: Coventry Road Medical Centre

Date: Thursday 12th May 2022

Time: 12.30 hrs




Dr Nishat Ahmad (NA)   GP Lead

Surjit Kaur(SK) Practice Manager

Houdini (HW) (Physician Associate-PA)

Sahra Jeylaani Secretary  (New)

Syeda Hasan (Physician Associate) Minute Taker

Oona Lee (Physician Associate)

Dr Tahmanna Choudhury (Salaried GP)



Tarlochan Chagger (TC)            

Shahid Iqbal (SI)                                                                         

Malcom Meakin (MM)  

Simon Meakin (SM)

Masoud Ahmed (MA)   



Jaswinder Chagger (JC)               Khaled Choudhury (KC)

Brenda Phipps (BP)                     Md Salim Khan (MSK)   

Ray McCrellis (RM)                      Adnan Araf (AA)

Mahmood Hussain (MH)              Maqbool Ahmed (MA)

Mohammed Jahangir (MJ)           Zafar Iqbal (ZI)

Jeevan Chagger(JC).                  Dr Tracy Turner (TT) GP

Oona Lee –(OL) PA                    Shaida Begum (SB) 

Rosa Platt (RP).                        Javed Iqbal (JI)

Tanwear Ahmed (TA)





Dr NA welcomed everyone to the PPG meeting.

Dr NA Introduced the new members of staff


All members of the PPG introduced themselves. 


Patients arrived into the surgery and staff gathered for the PPG meeting . Due to COVID we have had to adapt to so many different things. Everyone greeted each other warmly as long lost friends. We were all happy that we could meet like this again.

We sat round the table and did some introductions –particularly for the new faces.

Discussion of new staff to Practice.  Secretary (SJ) and new Physician Associate Syeda (SH) introduced to PPG. PPG advised that Latha the old secretary had left.

General discussion ensued around COVID and the consequential changes in general practice. There had been a time when there was only telephone consultation that could be offered to most patients. Doctors were going round looking like spacemen in masks, face shields and various coverings. Patients were generally very frightened and needed support from their surgeries.

We were one of the few surgeries that continued to have face to face appointments in a safe manner.

Patients appreciated that however it was agreed that telephone cannot replace a face to face consultation.

During our Triage in reception we ensured that all patients were dealt with at in a clinical appropriate and timely manner on the phone. A number were signposted to the appropriate clinician or service.


(The below was not discussed in this meeting as it was a re-introductory meeting after Covid19.  The below points will therefore be discussed in the next PPG meeting)


Changes in NHS that happened since we last met:


Primary care networks are formed by bringing multiple practices under one umbrella where the patient strength should at least be 30K.

We joined with 7 other practices around the small heath area and the total population comes to around 34K. The seven practices are ‘Dr Moonga’s Practice, Park Medical Centre, Charles Road Surgery, The Limes Medical Centre, Bordesley Green Surgery, The Khattak Memorial Surgery.


We need to do at least 17hours of extended hours at each practice for these 34k patients under the hub. Our hub is “The Khattak Memorial Surgery“ which is starting on 23.09.19. Under this hub we can access all 34k patient’s notes from various surgeries and can book patients. The hub timings are 6:30pm to 8:30pm on weekdays and Sat 9:30am to 12:30pm.     


Dr is the clinical director for at least an year.

Hub is just like a surgery and operates the same way as surgery and also urgent referrals can be made. Walk in centres and out of hours services are different to Hub.


PCN will be advertised on NHS practices. Funding will be passed to these hubs. They also have social prescribers for people who need help with social service help.

Pharmacists will also be allocated during this time.



Any other business


Dr Tahmanna has returned from Maternity Leave and was re-introduced to the PPG.  This was due to the fact that we had some new faces in the group.


There were no further issues raised and the meeting ended at 1:45 pm. 


NA thanked everyone for giving their time which was very much appreciated.


Next meeting : TBA